Friday, July 17, 2015

Crashing Waves
The Warfield Hotel Mysteries Book 2

I wanted to share an excerpt from Crashing Waves with all of you to give you a taste of what is to come in Book 2 of the Warfield Hotel Mysteries. Hold onto you hats, this is going to get X-rated fast. 

The room was spinning or he was spinning. It didn't matter which it was because he just wanted it to stop.


A soft chuckle floated up to him from the floor. He looked down which made his head spin, even more, to see a pair of eyes smiling at him from behind a pair of dark rimmed glasses.

"You want me to stop," a soft throaty voice asked.

Wet warmth engulfed Justin's cock and he groaned loudly. Closing his eyes, he forgot about the spinning room and concentrated on the feelings spreading through his body.

"God, no don't stop."

He reached down with his hand to feel the silky hair on the head of whoever it was whose mouth was giving him such a mind bending blowjob. It felt so damn good. Everything he did was bringing Justin closer and closer to the place he needed to be. Whoever this guy was, he knew exactly what he was doing to Justin. Every drag of his lips down the length of his shaft and the just right suction as he pulled back was bringing him closer to the edge. He hoped he sobered up enough to remember this and remember to ask the guy his name.

Just when he thought he was going to explode, cool air brushed against his sensitive skin and it made him ache. He missed the warmth of the man's mouth around his cock.

"Turn around," the throaty whisper was back but it was closer now. Right next to his lips.

He did as the voice said and hands helped him get comfortable as he leaned over the back of a large arm chair. The leather of the chair caused his heated skin to prickle with goose bumps. He was naked. When had he taken all his clothes off?

The touch of slick fingers in his crease brought him back to the moment. A single digit pressed into him and the familiar burn tingled along his spine.

"Damn, baby, you're so tight. Relax for me, Just." The voice cooed against his back where moist lips left tiny kisses against his shoulder.

The pressure of the finger pushing in and withdrawing soon became not nearly enough.

"More...please...more." Justin heard himself beg.

Another finger and more wetness joined the first. Whoever this guy was, he was treating Justin like a lover not a quick fuck in the backroom of the Club. An emotion Justin hadn't felt in a long time, touched him deep inside to be treated so tenderly. A third finger pressing into his entrance stopped his breath and made him cry out.

"Oh God!"

He pushed back on the fingers wanting them to go deeper. A graze across his gland had him bucking with every press inside him.

"You ready for my cock, Just?" The fingers withdrew leaving him panting and wanting.

Justin heard the distinctive sound of foil being torn. Yes, he needed this. Needed to be fucked into that space where nothing else exists. No thoughts. No pain. No emotions. Just the sensation of your body melting into nothingness.

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  1. Wow that's all I have to say....and that I can't wait to read the second book:)

  2. Thanks Rachel. I appreciate the feedback!