Thursday, January 27, 2022


A New Look

A New Purpose

A New Reason

The last two years have changed a lot of things in your life and mine. Some of it was really bad and some of it was good. I've learned something about myself and the fact that I'm sitting here writing this with a glass of iced tea and lemon vodka says something.

Going forward this blog will be about my fellow authors, their books, and their stories. It will be my intention to read and review a different book each week. Adding in an author interview here and there. Possibly suggesting something you might find interesting. I'm going to open this up to all genres, though you probably won't see a whole of horror on here (mostly cause it freaks me out). 

The first few books will probably be in the M/M genre, only because that's what I read the most. But I have several other romance, paranormal, sci-fi reads that I want to post about as well.

If you found this blog wanting to know about my books or me, there will be a page devoted to my published books and links to Amazon and Books2Read if you want to check them out. But this blog will no longer be about me. 

There a world full of Indie authors out there that are bringing amazing stories to the world. I want you to check them out.

If you're an author and you'd like me to review your book, let me know in the comments. I'll add them to my list and grab them when I can.

So let's enjoy 2022 with a new to you author and enjoy the read!

CJ Baty

PS This is a work in progress. The page links will be changing shortly to reflect my reading list as well as upcoming events and other items.