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Through the Fire
Michelle Irwin

Blog Tour November 16-22, 2014

Bottom Drawer Publications is excited to be taking Through the Fire, a new adult, paranormal romance by Michelle Irwin, on tour.

Book Details: Novel
Genre: NA, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2014


Evie Meyers’ life is one spent on the run. Every minute of every day, her life is in danger if anyone should suspect the truth about her ancestry. Her father was willing to risk everything to keep the truth hidden, even from her, but the lies he fabricated were exposed when her high school crush, Clay Jacobs, inadvertently stumbled upon her secret. His discovery puts Evie at risk from a secret organization tasked with washing the world clean of nonhumans—and Clay is one of its deadliest soldiers. Forced into a war she doesn’t understand, all because of what she is, Evie is left with no choice but to flee with her father to escape persecution.

When Clay reappears in her life, battle scarred and mysterious, Evie is unprepared and terrified as he forces his way back into her heart. When the battle catches up with her, and a tragic accident tears apart the peace she discovered, she finds herself alone and without the protection of her father, or her lover. Now, she needs to keep her secrets hidden and learn to survive on her own in a world that wants her dead, all while searching for the missing piece of her heart.

Exclusive Excerpt

“I know it’s crazy. We still barely know each other. We only had a few months in high school, and then a few more days now. It’s completely mental, but it feels right, doesn’t it?”
I blinked in response.
“Tell me that you don’t feel this intense pain right here,” he placed his hand over my heart, “whenever we have to leave each other, and I’ll go right now, because that would mean we don’t feel the same.”
“I can’t,” I said, placing my hand over his, “because I do.”
“I hope you understand why I couldn’t risk coming until I knew Lou had really left.”
“And you’re sure she has?”
He nodded. “I’m so sorry my family has messed everything up again.”
I pressed one finger against his lips. “You’re here now.”
“I am.”
“Dad’s asleep though.”
He chuckled. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to keep me company instead.”
“I think I can do that.”
I held his hand and led him over to the single bed in my room. Sitting on top of the mussed up covers, I pulled him down beside me. “You can stay here tonight,” I said. “We can introduce you to Dad tomorrow and see where we go from there.”
His face remained stoic as he assessed what I’d said, and I began to worry I’d overstepped some invisible mark.
“That is, if you want to?” I added.
“Are you kidding me?” The corners of his mouth lifted into a grin. “I’ve had two weeks of sleeping either in cars or in a sleeping bag on the cold, hard concrete floor. A bed is a dream come true. Getting to sleep beside a breathtaking girl as well? How could I even try to refuse that?”
After kicking off his shoes and socks, he wrapped his arms around me and dragged me down onto the mattress. A few lazy kisses later, I eventually succumbed to sleep. Truthfully we didn’t really fit side by side on the small bed, but the lack of room was a small sacrifice when it meant knowing that he was safe and that we were together.
During the night, his lips pressed against my shoulder and throat, causing me to shift in place and move closer to him until our bodies were wrapped tightly together. His arm wrapped around me and his face pressed against the back of my neck.
“Hmm, Evie,” he mumbled before his breathing evened out again.
When I woke the next morning, his arms were still wrapped around me. The fingers of one hand had found their way up underneath my top to caress the skin just below my breasts. I was lying there, trying to will his hand higher—or maybe lower—when I heard the sound of a curtain being drawn and a sudden influx of sunlight caused me to be blinded temporarily.
“Get the hell away from my daughter, and get the fuck out of my house!”

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About the Author

Michelle Irwin

Michelle Irwin has been many things in her life: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; a young girl willing to fight for the love of a vampire; and a time-travelling madman in a box. She achieved all of these feats and many more through her voracious reading habit. Eventually, so much reading had to have an effect and the cast of characters inside her mind took over and spilled out onto the page.

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under with her surprisingly patient husband and ever-intriguing daughter, carving out precious moments of writing and reading time around her accounts-based day job. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.

Find Michelle at:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So very excited to be bringing you this stop on the blog tour for Meredith Shayne's latest release Cutting Out.

An Interview with Meredith Shayne

Hi, Meredith. I get this question a lot from my friends and family, so I thought I'd ask you...what draws you to write M/M stories?

I come from a fan fiction background, so “slash” is pretty much in my blood at this point. But that doesn’t explain why I lean towards writing about two men. I find it a difficult question to answer, but the nearest I can get is that I like men, and I like writing about people falling in love. I think you when you’re writing about two men falling in love, you have more scope for exploring different characterisations, events and themes than you do when you’re writing about a man and a woman falling in love.

In your new story Cutting Out, you write about sheep shearing. How much time did you spend on research for this book or did you have some personal inside information about the subject that helped with the story line?

I make no secret of the fact that I love reality TV, and there just so happens to be a reality TV show that airs in New Zealand called Shearing Gang, which follows the shearing teams hired by a particular south island contractor to work the Otago region sheep stations (an example of it can be found here: After the show sparked the initial idea, I listened to a few radio interviews about the show, and started investigating shearing from a (much more mundane, admittedly) career perspective – the different roles, what you had to do to train, when the seasons ran, how much you got paid, etc. I watched a lot of competitions on You Tube! There are a lot of sheep in New Zealand, so country-specific information about sheep and shearing is fairly plentiful.

I read your bio and it seems you are quite the traveler. Where's the one place your heart keeps calling you to return to?

That’s a difficult one. It’s true that I have travelled a lot and every place is interesting in its own way. I do love Italy though. If I was to choose a favourite Italian city… there was one time in my life when I visited Rome so often that I could get around it without a map, and it’s a fascinating city, but I’d have to say Venice – a lot of people hate it, but I think it’s beautiful. There’s no other city like it.

Do you read other M/M authors books and if so, who?

I do, although I am one of those rare people who reads both M/M and M/F fiction. In terms of the M/M authors I read… I tend to pick up random things that catch my eye, but if I look on my e-reader my most frequently bought authors are Jordan Castillo Price, Josh Lanyon, KZ Snow, Lyn Gala and Cari Z. I could rave at you regarding at least one aspect of these authors’ backlists in a way that would make you want to poke your eyes out, so I will resist. J

Which one of your characters would you most like to share a drink and a chat with? And why?

I have to say Shane. Australians are as rare as hens' teeth in New Zealand, so meeting one is like getting back in touch with a long-lost friend. We could have a drink, talk Aussie slang at each other and mercilessly tease the New Zealanders surrounding us (I love them, honestly! They’re just fun to rile up).

What's the one classic book, that you just couldn't finish reading?

Hah! It’s a funny thing to have to admit, since I love the screen adaptations of it, but Pride and Prejudice. What a tedious experience trying to read that book was, and yet I really can’t get enough of both the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle and Matthew MacFadyen/Keira Knightley adaptations. I love them to pieces.

Which would be more difficult for you to write...a stand alone story or a series?

I’d have to say a series. I really admire people who can keep a thread going through multiple novels, and I would like to try it, but I’m not sure my brain works in a way that’s good for series writing. I guess I’d have to try it to find out!


Bottom Drawer Publications is proud to present Cutting Out by Meredith Shayne, a contemporary mm romance based in New Zealand.

Book Details: Novel
Genre: Contemporary MM Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2014

Lachie wouldn’t mind a piece of Shane, but the gorgeous gun shearer from Australia is soon forgotten when the Christchurch earthquake hits, and tragedy strikes Lachie’s family. Lachie deals with it the best he can, cutting himself off from all he knows. A year later and he’s back in the shearing shed, out of practice and lacking confidence. That Shane’s there to watch him flounder doesn’t help his nerves.
As Lachlan struggles to re-acclimatise, Shane can’t resist giving him a hand to get back on his feet. As they move from friends to something more, Shane finds himself wanting to know everything he can about Lachie. But Lachie’s got secrets he desperately wants to keep, and when things come to a head, those secrets might just mean the end of them before they’ve truly begun.

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The e-book is available for sale for $5.99 via the BDP Digital Shop
and other online booksellers.

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About the Author

Meredith Shayne

A scientist in a past life, these days Meredith Shayne mainly uses her scientific training to poke holes in television pseudoscience. Originally from Australia, she moved to New Zealand to start a new life a few years ago and hasn't regretted it for one minute, even if she frequently wishes that the New Zealand weather was a little better; if she's forced, she'll admit that the refreshing lack of animals that can kill you in New Zealand makes up for a little rain.

Meredith travels a lot, so much so that she has developed a shameful love of airplane food and knows her passport number by heart. When she is at home, she enjoys baking, horrible music from the 1980s, reality television, and gloating any time Australia thrashes the living daylights out of New Zealand on the sporting field.

Find Meredith at her website:
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Here is the first of several new releases from some amazing authors that I'm going to be bringing to you during the month of November. Please check out Carly Fall's latest release and her other wonderful reads in the info below.

PrintCover-BySea-3 4.5 STARS FROM THE READING CAFE: BY SEA is an amazing and suspense filled storyline about betrayal, government secrets and finding love...Carly Fall has a gifted imagination where the supernatural blends with a contemporary storyline of romance and love; where fantasy and fiction equals seduction of the mind; and where the reader is pulled into a provocative and wondrous world-one page at a time. While fighting the War on Drugs in Latin America, Marine Brody Teller was involved in an accident that left him with a supernatural power: a deep connection to the sea and the ability to control it. When the mysterious Joe Smith approaches him with an incredible job offer, Brody thinks it’s too good to be true. His life-saving need as well as his desire to be near the ocean while earning a living are rolled into one perfect job: the captain of a yacht. Rayna Lopez lives a quiet life as she tries to climb her way up the CIA ladder, always in fear the government will learn of her family lineage. When her father asks for help getting her famous and belligerent half-sister out of trouble, Rayna reluctantly agrees to travel with her and they board a yacht where they will be protected. Brody and Rayna realize they’ve met before, and despite a significant lack of trust between them, they face an attraction neither can deny. As they fight to keep Rayna’s sister alive, lies are revealed and secrets are told. They must both learn to trust each other, and—if they live through their voyage—figure out what to do about their whirlwind romance. Excerpt ©2014 by Carly Fall All Rights Reserved “You’re up late, or early, depending on how you look at the clock,” a deep voice rumbled from behind her. She jumped, thankful she had almost finished all her wine and it hadn’t sloshed out of the glass. Spinning around, she was surprised to see Brody standing in the Bridge doorway wearing nothing but a pair of white shorts, his arms crossed over his big chest, and his biceps rolled into tight knots as he leaned against the doorframe. “You startled me,” she said, feeling exposed in her short t-shirt. She wanted to run, but something held her there as he stared at her. Pushing himself off the doorframe, he strolled over to her. “Why aren’t you in bed?” “Why aren’t you?” she asked. Now he stood mere inches from her, looming over her. His breath had a slight tint of whiskey. “I was. You woke me up.” Confused, she continued to stare up at him. How did she wake him when he slept downstairs in the crew quarters? “I sleep on the Bridge when we’re out at sea,” he murmured. “I heard you when you were downstairs in the Main Salon.” She drained her glass, very much aware of how little space and clothing separated their bodies. “Why are you up, Rayna?” he asked, his voice just above a whisper. “What’s keeping you awake? Is your bed uncomfortable?” “No, it’s fine,” she said, finally breaking the stare and gazing out to the moonlight again. “I just have a lot on my mind.” “Like what?” You. “Nothing,” she murmured. “Just . . . just my sister.” He placed his hand on her shoulder, and she turned her head at his touch. “And what if I thought something different was keeping you awake?” “Like what?” she swallowed, her voice tight. “Like you and me. Us. Together.” She shut her eyes and turned her head back toward the window. Never would she admit it as she’d already been over all the reasons getting together with Brody was a bad idea. “Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d thought I’d ask because that’s what’s been keeping me up tonight,” he said, his hand kneading her shoulder before it slipped away. Rayna knew that if she said yes, things would go into a place anyone in their right mind would deem not advisable. However, the brief contact of his skin on hers brought out a deep, visceral ache that needed to be sated. “You weren’t wrong,” she whispered, staring out into the night. “Then look at me,” he growled. She shut her eyes while gathering her nerve, reminding herself she wanted this as well. However, in her bones, she also felt this could be the biggest mistake of her life. “Look at me, Rayna.” She turned.
About the Author
Carly Fall is a wife, a mother and a slave to the dog, Nicky.
She is the author of the award-winning and Amazon best-selling series, The Six Saviors, and contemporary and paranormal romance.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good evening everyone. I know it's been a couple of weeks since you've heard anything from me and I wanted to check in and give you an update and share some upcoming Blog Tours happening here soon.

1) Drifting Sands is coming along beautifully. It will be back in the very capable hands of the wonderful ladies at Bottom Drawer Publications at the end of the month. Hopefully we will have exciting news around or a little after the holidays.

2) Check back here on November 10 for info on Carly Fall's new Super Natural Renegades Series - By Sea.

3) Also on November 13, I will be hosting a Blog Tour for Meredeth Shaynes new release Cutting Out.

4) Possibly one or two more new releases from other authors I have posted for in the past.

Great reads. Exciting times. Lots of fun.