Monday, July 31, 2017

Many Thanks!

Hello everyone,

This has been quite a month for me. Filled with ups and downs and somethings, I don't want to go through again. 

I started out the month saddened and depressed at the news of my long time publisher, Bottom Drawer Publication, was closing their doors. I've known these ladies since my Fan Fiction writing days. They helped me grow as a writer in so many ways. I shall truly miss working with them. But, this seemed like another sign telling me "it was time to call it a day". Maybe I just wasn't cut out for this. I was overwhelmed. The 3rd book in the Warfield Hotel Mysteries was not going to be picked up and I had no idea what to do.

Fortunately for me, the Indie Author community is a fabulous group of people who gather around their own and cover them with encouragement and help when you need it. That's exactly what happened to me. Another author who is also an editor, stepped up and gave me a price I could afford. Another author who is a cover artist and formatting genius, offered help as well. The result ~~ Roaring Waters was released on July 24th! This is an amazing testament to the group of Indie authors that I know and love. We are family.

Now, I know I will never be a famous author who sells millions of books a year, not that wouldn't be lovely but that's okay. I love writing and the fact that there are readers (like you) out there who like what I write ~~ thrills me. It encourages me to continue on. And with the network and community of Indies, how could an author go wrong?

So this is my humble thanks to those who helped, to those who read and to those who review. You will truly never know just how much you enrich my life.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

F.E. Feeley, Jr. Release

Book Title: When Heaven Strikes
Author: F. E. Feeley Jr
Cover Artist:
Genre/s: Gay fiction and literature, romance little (r)
Length: Words: 60,400/No. of Pages: 298
ASIN: B07452W7HK
Can love survive heaven’s wrath?
Artist Ted Armstrong lives a solitary and eccentric life. The survivor of child abuse disguised as religion, Ted has cut himself off from the world.
Then Ted meets Anderson Taylor, and it’s like being struck by lightning.
Anderson is a cardiac surgeon whose passion for his work has consumed him. He fears he’ll never find a partner—until he sets eyes on Ted. It’s happening fast, but both men know what they feel is right.
Confronted with an angry preacher, a scandal, and an act of God that threatens to destroy everything, their relationship will face its first true test.

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Author Bio:
 F.E.Feeley Jr is a poet and the author of six published works - four full length novels, two short stories featured in anthologies, and a good deal of poetry.
Married to the love of his life, John, he came to the writing world about four years ago where he fell in love, again, with the written word.
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cover Reveal
Roaring Waters
A Warfield Hotel Mystery

Damien Fitzgerald has lived through hell and is determined to never let anyone get close to him again. A fervent reporter, he throws his life into his work and doesn’t care whose toes he steps on. But someone else does. He’s got a stalker, and the messages are growing increasingly threatening. He turns to his best friend, Justin Warfield and his lover, Private Investigator Marcus Drummond. Seems like a good idea until Robert Wyler becomes part of the package.

Robert Wyler, the manager of the bar at the Warfield Inn, has always been misunderstood. Sure he takes care of his body, wears his hair long and likes tatts, but that doesn’t mean he’s domineering. A cold exterior hides the more passionate man inside. Men like Damien Fitzgerald get on his nerves. Too good looking. Too arrogant. But when Justin and Marcus needed his help to guard the man from a stalker, Robert couldn’t say no.

Damien and Robert have a history. Whenever they are near each other sparks fly. Can Damien and Robert get past their prejudices to find the real men hiding underneath. Will they find love before the stalker gets to Damien and their chance at happiness is destroyed forever…

Special Pre-Order Coming Soon!