Thursday, July 22, 2021

Deep as the Ocean (The Pinkerton Man Bk 4)


Coming September 2021

Lizzie, Stiles and Michael board an ocean liner in New York headed to Liverpool. They are going to travel from London to Italy by train. Stiles wanted to show Michael where he grew up. Michael has no desire to return to Ireland and Lizzie wants to see the wine country. They plan their vacation carefully. Lizzie pretends to be Stiles widowed sister and Michael is their traveling companion, a family friend. Stiles manages to book state rooms for them side by side. He and Lizzie in one and Michael in the other. This way Stiles and Michael can spend their nights together.
            On board the ship they run into James Stark. He is known to several passengers on the boat. It becomes clear that more than one person has an issue with him. When his body is found with multiple stab wounds, everyone on board is a suspect, even Stiles, Lizzie, and Michael.

What starts out as a holiday, quickly turns into a race against time. They must find the killer before he can walk away free when they dock in England. 

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