Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I have some great news to share today. Bottom Drawer Publications who published Drifting Sands, has graciously given me a 50% off code to purchase the Drifting Sands ebook through there website.

 This code will be in my first newsletter in November! So if you didn't sign up for the newsletter during the first posting, you still have a chance.

And I will still send you a free ebook copy of "A Buggy Ride for Christmas", too. The cover was designed by the amazing Kelly Abell at Select-O-Grafix, LLC.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Coming soon from Nicole Colville "Dominque"

It is my pleasure to reveal the cover of Nicole Colville's coming new release. Please read below about how this amazing cover and story came to be. 

Is it Dalton good?

Okay, so let me be honest with you, after Dalton, I knew I had to step up my game and keep the level of images I use on my covers at Dalton level. In fact, the hubby coined a new phrase, and repeatedly used it every time I showed him a shot I liked for Dominque. He would say, “It’s good, but is it Dalton good?”

He was right – I begrudgingly say that. So, I began the search for the perfect man. The one! I mean, come on!!! Really? I had to find the one!! Pfft.

Damn! It took a lot of hard work to find a man who not only sung to me as my beloved Dominque’s character, but who also had the looks to go with it, and let me tell you, I kinda set the bar high with Dominque, and either I went through the whole book and changed my man, or I kept looking for the one! Just like Jacob through the whole of his life, I had to find a man who sat on a pedestal so high I worried no man would fit the bill. It wasn’t just what he looked like, but he had to have something deep inside him which showed his emotions like he was shouting them to me.

It was after a full month of searching through photograph sites, emailing them and seeing what was unavailable to the stock sites and the public, that I found my Dominque. The model is called David Lurs. I have pics and I’ll share them below for you. He is Dominque. He was born for this cover. He is the one! I had to have him, and like with Dominque, you pay for what you get lol

This picture took a lot of effort finding, but after all that effort it paid off because I have the best cover, and if you ask the hubby…. He says it’s Dalton good!!! Woo Hoo

Knights to Remember is a bestselling short story series which began last year and it has eight shorts out with my BBF Sebastian. Dominque was mentioned in book one and then nothing until book eight, but all the way through it I knew his story would be told. I just didn’t think it would be so amazing and so… long lol

What should have been a short story turned out to be a full length novel with around 90k of words and over 380 pages. It’s also a standalone book which begins before the other books in the series and can be read first, last, or on its own. So don’t worry if you’ve not found Sebastian yet, Dominque is good to go :D