Friday, August 30, 2013

So in case you couldn't see it or find it on Rainbow eBooks site here is a copy of the interview and book description for A New Dream. It turned out wonderfully.

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A New Dream
A New Dream actually came from Baty's love of the mountains. "They have always been a great inspiration for me. The peace and quiet refreshes me and renews my strength. It just seemed natural that my very first published work would take place in a mountainous area." Baty reflects.

In this tale a split-second of time and Walt’s dreams of Olympic gold were crushed along with his right leg when he was involved in a serious accident on the ski-fields during the preliminary trials. Now he’s teaching beginners on the ski slopes of Crystal Falls Lodge, run by his family in West Virginia, and wondering if he’ll ever crawl out of the pit that his life has become. Eventually, the look of devastation on his sister’s face at how much he’s let himself go, prompts him to try harder to experience life again. First on the list: a trip to town and a haircut.

Curt Woodridge is used to traveling light. Ever since he was kicked out of home at eighteen, when his family found out he was gay, he’s been moving from one town to the next, performing in small bars and ski lodges to make his living. He is one of the lucky ones; he was saved from having to live on the streets by his agent and is genuinely happy with the way his life is going. After performing a great set at his latest gig, Curt decides to head into town and look around. He has seven days to kill before he’ll be moving on to the next gig.

Neither man is ready for love, and definitely not on the streets of Flat Rock. But when neither of them is looking, quite literally, they fall hard. But how does a man who thought he’d lost everything dare to dream of a life with someone who is leaving town for good in less than a week?

Not to give the ending away, but, Baty is a sucker for good endings; "my favorite part of writing is bringing the characters through to the happily ever after I wanted for them from the very first time I thought of them and their story."

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