Monday, September 9, 2013

A Review of Shiver by Tiffinie Helmer

Here is my review for Shiver by Tiffinie Helmer I just don't know where to begin with this one. I have read all of Tiffinie Helmer's books and I am a fan. I won't deny that. I also won't deny that I have been waiting for this book and Aidan Harte's story for what seems like forever. He struck at my heartstrings in Hooked and I just couldn't forget him. Something about the combination of a man's dark brooding nature and a boy's need to be loved by his mother, his anyone, just drew me in. He was a soul forgotten by the world and all he really wanted was to be accepted and loved, especially by the one woman he had never gotten over. Some of you will read this story and find Raven Maiski the heart of the story. A young girl who survived so much hurt and disappointment to become a woman strong enough to raise her son on her own and make a life for them. And you would be right too. Raven made a lot of mistakes and she carried a burden even her family didn't know. Her dying father's last words would not let her go or move on. The highlight for me of this story was Fox, Raven and Aidan's son. I don't want to give too much away but Fox was the radiant light in this story. He is a young man (eleven going on twelve) with more wisdom than most of the older folks around him. Wise enough to keep a secret from his mother that he knew she didn't want to face and strong enough to confront the man who was his father when he needed him to know. The sex between Aidan and Raven was passionate and wild just like the two of them. They were a soul match though it took them years to realize it. I'm never disappointed in the intimacy Ms. Helmer brings to her stories or the characters in them. I loved these characters. From the beginning of the story to the very end, you watch them grow, change into something more than they thought they could ever be. They were people I would love to know and have as friends. Fabulous job Tiffinie! And keep in mind that Fox would make a fabulous character study with an amazing story when he gets a little older. I'd love to read that one too! Check out Shiver here:

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  1. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. And thanks so much for introducing me to her books!