Sunday, October 6, 2013

As summer turns to fall, I have to tell you this is my favorite season of the year. Living in Southwest Ohio, we see all the seasons and sometimes in dramatic form. Extremely high temps and humidity in the summer. Below zero cold and piles and piles of snow can be a frequent visitor in the dead of winter. But fall or autumn if you call it that, ranges from cool jacket weather in the early morning to strip it all off mid day back to jeans and jackets for after the sun sets. It's a little bit of everything. Today was gray and overcast, rainy and humid. It played havoc with my sinus's and made me want to curl up with a book. Wish I'd had the time. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to read two very different but very interesting reads this week.

Lessons for Suspicious Minds by the wonderful Charlie Cochrane

Any time I have the opportunity to return to a Jonty and Orlando story, you will find me running to it. I love these two characters literally. Their intelligence and wit keep me teetering between laughter and heartache each step of the way. Lessons for Suspicious Minds was no different. 

This story has two murders to investigate for the boys. The trouble here is they are both supposedly suicides. A topic that is very close to home and hits at the hearts and minds of both Jonty and Orlando. It's difficult to look for clues where it seems everyone has something to hide and when your mind repeatedly returns to your own past acquaintance with someone who had committed the deed in front of your very eyes.

It was a joy to visit with the boys once again. More than that, we got a chance to revisit our love for Jonty's family. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart played a very large part in this story and helped to solve the mystery again.

You won't find detailed sexual encounters between the two main characters in this story. What you will find are two very different men who are truly, deeply devoted to each other and very much in love. You'll find laughter in their teasing of each other. You'll find two men who comfort and care for each other. You'll find a series to fall in love with. Read each book in this series and you will see what I mean.

Boys on Film by Lily G. Blunt

I will admit that when I first read the blurb for this book, I wasn't sure if it was going to be something I would enjoy reading. I was under the assumption that the book was going to be about a porn movie house and would be full of explicit sexual content. I was wrong. Remember don't judge a book by its cover. 

In first meeting "Stefan" his camera name, in this story, he appears to be both arrogant and straight. Neither of which is the case. Stephan works for Blue House Film Studios both in front of the camera and behind it. One of the House's most popular porn stars, he has quite a following of fans. And he loves sex, doesn't matter whether it's a man or woman until a budding writer of M/M romances comes into his life.

Nate "something or other" comes to Blue House because he's written a story that the owner of  the film studio wants to incorporate into the studio's web site. He's been a teacher in England for most of his life but wants to be a writer. Stefan becomes his tour guide while he's in California. 

They feel an instant connection to each other but it takes time to reach a mutual decision that it is something they both want. Nate has recently broken up with a long time lover and Stefan is just now realizing that he is gay and always has been. Two big hurtles in themselves to make a relationship work.

Stefan goes back to England with Nate so that they can get to know each other better and while there they finally become intimate. Stefan is racked with pain over making sure that Nate knows they are making love not just having sex. Sex is what he does in front of the camera and what he did with his "friends with benefits". Nate doesn't seem to be bothered by Stefan's job and repeatedly tells Stefan he knows its his job. Still Stefan is very insecure and when Karl, Nate's ex shows up things intensify.

There's a misunderstanding between Nate and Stefan leading Stefan to return to home hurt and devastated by Nate's apparent infidelity. In the end everyone gets there HEA. 

Both books were very good and but different. I hope you give them a try.

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