Saturday, March 8, 2014

Here is my review for Dangerous by Lorrie Farrelly

At first glance if you aren't used to reading a story in multiply points of view, you may have a hard time getting into this story. Don't quit, keep going, it's worth it. What you will find is a story about two very wounded people. Both determined to never make the same mistakes again, therefore avoiding the hurt they've suffered in the past. In doing so, they almost miss out on the love they were always meant to experience...together.

Cam Starrett is a broken police officer who has seen too much death and destruction by humans against other humans and who has an ex-wife who nearly destroys him with lies and deceit. He takes the  job of Chief of Police in what he assumes is the sleepy little village of Chima Valley. What he finds is a mayor who thinks he owns the town and everyone in it,  including the police department and a hidden hotbed of bigotry and hate. And then there's Meredith (Merry) Hayden, the high school guidance councilor. She brings an entirely different set of problems.

Merry Hayden makes the mistake of trusting the wrong man with her innocence, like so many other girls their first time away from home. When a popular and good looking boy at college, paid Merry the kind of attention the shy bookish girl had never had, she mistook it for love. The hit to her fragile ego,  with his eventual clear dismissal of her after raping her, was devastating.  Leaving her unable to trust anyone even herself. Cam Starrett drew her like a moth to a flame and scared her beyond words.
Being determined to stay from the other, did not work for either of them. Drawn to each other through the near devastation of the small town by hate filled teenagers on a rampage, Cam and Merry can't help themselves.

Ms. Farrelly's descriptions of the Chima Valley area make a visual that is both breathtaking and horrifying when a fire rages through it. I felt as if I was there seeing the fire and it's destruction through the eyes of the characters. She also paints secondary characters that come to mean a lot to you as well in this story.

Also, I found the Epilogue extremely satisfying in the way Ms. Farrelly found HEA's for more than just her two main characters. A very good read.

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