Monday, January 19, 2015

Another weekend has come and gone! I'm struggling to get back into the writing mode and along with that comes the doubts! You know the ones, where you think, "me an author, who am I kidding?" Then I pick up something I've been working on for several months again, re-read it and looks for editing errors and realize, "Hell yeah, I'm a writer because I want to know what happens to these characters and no one else is going to write this but me!"
So here is a snip it of Crashing Waves, the second book in a series tentatively titled The Warfield Hotel Series.

The room whirled and stars danced before his eyes. Angrily, he wondered when this dizzy shit would be over. Everything he'd eaten suddenly felt like lead in the pit of his stomach. As soon as his stubborn ass stood, he knew it was a mistake.

He'd never realized just how hard...hardwood floors were until he started falling on them. It was somewhat of a relief to know that the dizziness was less when he was laying in a crumpled mess on the cold hard floor. The bedroom door opening suddenly and slamming against the wall behind gave Justin a start.


The look of interrupted sleep and distress mingled in Marcus's eyes. A dark shadow beard covered his lower jaws on both sides of his face. Briefly Justin wondered low rough it would feel against his own skin. He shook the thought off and continued to stare up at Marcus from his prone position on the floor.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Marcus's attitude did not help the situation and only caused Justin to become angry. It was anger directed at himself not at Marcus, though when he spoke Marcus flinched.

"I was trying to go pee!" Justin answered bitterly.

"On the floor?" Marcus chuckled as he came to kneel down beside Justin. His hands, gently slipped around Justin's waist and helped him to his feet.

Once on his feet, Justin extracted himself from the warmth of Marcus's touch. He saw the look of hurt cross Marcus's face and quickly disappear.

"Do you need to..." the question was left open ended.

"No. I can handle this," Justin answered quickly. "The dizziness seems better now."

"I'll wait here just in case." Marcus's smile was thoughtful and considerate.

Justin headed toward the bathroom one slow step at a time. Grateful that Marcus was there but that he didn't hover over him made the trek a little easier. Justin managed to take care of things without falling again. Lifting his mood greatly. Returning to the bedroom to face Marcus didn't seem so bad. Hell, who was he kidding, it was that bad.

Marcus hadn't moved from his spot, leaning up against the footboard of Justin's king sized sleigh bed. A glance at the red numbers on the clock by his bed, read eleven thirty. It had been a long day.

"Do you need anything else," Marcus asked as he pushed his ass off the bed.

"No, thank you."

"Okay, good night and you can yell if you need me...any help," Marcus corrected his words cautiously.

Justin found that the words were stuck in his throat so he just nodded his head. If he were being honest with himself, he wanted to talk to Marcus. Wanted to know how things were going for him. Had he moved on? But Justin knew, he didn't have the right to ask any of those question. God help him, but he wanted to know. He knew they needed to talk about a lot of things but where did he start.
Marcus turned and headed toward the bedroom door. He stopped, took a deep breath and turned to face Justin again.

"I almost forgot. Robert Wyler called earlier. You were still pretty knocked out," he said, then chuckled. "He wasn't too happy that I answered the phone. He said to tell you he'd call back tomorrow and," Marcus hesitated then added, "He said he'd take a rain check on your date."

Justin felt the heat flood his cheeks. Damn it. He was forty years old. He shouldn't be blushing or even embarrassed for that matter. Before he could say anything, Marcus opened the door, stepped out into the hall then said over his shoulder, "I'm glad you are stepping out of that self imposed closet you lived in for so long. Too long. Robert is a lucky man." He never looked at Justin, just said that and closed the door behind him.

So what do you all think? I'd love some feed back on this. Drifting Sands (Book 1 in the Warfield Hotel Series) is in the hands of my wonderful publishers and I should be sharing good news soon about it's release. Let me know what you think about Justin and Marcus. 

Happy reading everyone!

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