Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pure Indulgence by Victoria Sue

I recently met Victoria Sue through a link on Facebook where we are going to be teamed up as table mates at IBF 2015 (see the links in the righthand column). As I love to read M/M as well as write it and I knew she had books available I thought I'd pick up one to give it a try. I've got to say I am so glad I did.

I don't usually read BDSM not because I have anything against the lifestyle but because it just didn't appeal to me as subject matter. But Pure Indulgence was nothing like I was expecting. The characters grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go until I finished their story.

Joe, new ex-cop and Dom was nothing like the story Dom's I'd read before. It seemed to me that the more I read about Joe, he just wanted someone to take care of and I wanted him to have someone to take care of. Two failed marriages left him feeling like he wasn't loveable and would never have a real relationship in his life. Discovering that he was extremely attracted to young twink Adam came as a complete shock to him. He was not gay!

On the other hand, I believe Adam knew exactly what (who) he wanted and he was frustrated when Joe wouldn't take the hint. He went so far as to commit to submitting to a Dom who was obviously not nice because Joe would not voice that he wanted Adam. Learning to trust Joe enough to reveal his sad history was a big issue for Adam to overcome and brought tears to my eyes.

The mystery in this story was another great part of the read. I was kept guessing as to who the bad guy was until the very end and yes, I was surprised.

I appreciated that the author didn't go into great detail about scenes in Club Pure. What was given was enough for me to imagine what was going on. I didn't need details to see it. What I did see was true attraction and romance between two men who really needed each other. I've read other stories with lots more heat but I've seldom read a story with this much heart.

This book is worth your time. Five flowers because of the well written mystery and the chemistry between the MC's.

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