Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The day has come! Let the party begin!
Check out the rafflecopter below.
In addition to the prizes mentioned above:
I'm going to give a special secret present to the one person who gives me the coolest wish or most amazing virtual gift in the comment section. So let your imagination run free.

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  1. Happy birthday, CJ. I hope your dreams and wishes come true. Good luck with the release of your new book. Love from Bob and Lily xx

  2. Counting the days down till release day! So excited for you. Hope your special day was amazing and awesome!

  3. Happy birthday. May a mysterious sexy man sweep you off your feet to a secluded island and make your every wish come true.

    1. I'd love to have that many men sweep me off my feet and take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful wish!

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  6. I'd give you a magic wand so that whenever you need a visit with your BFF you could just wave it and POOF! you'd be there!. :-)