Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's hard to say goodbye to someone that has held a special place in your heart. It's even sadder to think that I hadn't spoken with her in person, during the last nine months of her life. How does that happen? How do we become so busy that we forget to say "Hi. I was just thinking of you today. How's it going?" 

I am one of those folks that believes in Jesus and Heaven and I know that's where my friend now resides. If there was ever a person that I knew who personified the walk of Jesus, it was her. She feed the hungry. She listened and held the hand of someone in need. She opened her home to everyone and shared what she had. In good times and in bad, she loved the people she met everyday in her walk. 

Cancer may have won the battle but it never won the war with her. Please remember to share your love with someone today, because you don't ever want to find out it was too late. 

Sorry for the downer post but my heart is heavy today. Time will help but it will never erase the memories that are there.

Rest in Peace my friend. 

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