Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy Anniversary to Me

I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since my very first ebook was released. Five years on February 13th. Where has the time gone? Writing, editing, interacting with readers, meeting some of you at events, learning to market my books and socializing on media. That's where it's gone. I loved every second of it. 

In celebration of my anniversary, my first published book "A New Dream" is coming back. It's been off the market for some time now. I'm editing and adding more material to the book. It's getting a new cover, that is just amazing thanks to Select-O-Grafix, my cover guru. And for the very first time, it will be available in paperback! 

Watch for information coming shortly and plan on seeing it mid February.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for some upcoming take over spot lights on several different pages. I'd love to chat with you. 

Had my dates wrong! Oops!

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  1. You know what they say about 'Time flies when you're having fun'.