Saturday, April 7, 2018

Time Away

Everyone needs time away. Time to reflect. Time to find an inner peace. Time to balance out the many facets that make up our everyday life. The question is do we even know how to do that anymore.

Really take time to refresh our minds and bodies. Most of us, I'm included in this group, plan vacations packed with activity. Sure it's not our usual activity but still we go to the ocean side to spend time on the beach and bask in the sun. We go to amusement parks or historic museums to exhaust our bodies and our minds. When was the last time, you actually took an afternoon to do nothing but watch the butterflies flit across the sky, or the squirrels chase each other up a tree, or read a book stretched out in the shade. Just let the world and all it's stress and demand fall to the side.

I don't get to do it enough. Yes, I'm often saying that I'm running back to the mountains and I need my time away. But so many times, I fill those moments with "other" things to do. Sure it's not the same things I do day in and day out. BUT it's still filling my time with things to do.

I'm in Tennessee for the next seven days and I am going to do my best to spend a little time every day doing nothing but letting my soul rest. Listen to that small inner voice that gets drowned out by bills, bosses, family and life. I think we all need that. Let's make a pack, that's right - you and me. You find a few minutes at least once this week (more would be better) and be still and listen to that little inner voice and I promise I will too. I think we'll both feel better for it in the long run.


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