Sunday, September 28, 2014

I have some wonderful news for those of you who have stuck with me over the last year. Edits have begun on Drifting Sands! I am so excited. There is much to be done and I will update you as things move along. Also there is going to be a second book in the series and possibly a third!! So stay tuned for more information in the coming months.2015 is looking up to be a great year for this author!

Hope you are all enjoying the autumn weather wherever you are in the world. For me that means sunny days with blue skies and cool evenings with the sounds of crickets. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. Sweaters come out of hiding and jeans feel their most comfortable right now. I only have one regret this year. Due to job constraints and now editing deadlines (those I put on myself), we aren't going to be able to get away to the mountains. But that's okay! If all goes well I'll be traveling the east coast on my way to visit my parents in Florida, in late January or early February, With a little side trip planned for Beaufort, North Carolina. Which just happens to be where Drifting Sands takes place!

Get out and enjoy the weather before the winter blows it's way in.

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