Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone. Well, Glass City is over for 2016 and I'm already making plans for 2017. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table and visited with me. I was so excited to meet some folks that I had been chatting with online for ages. To finally meet them face to face, share a hug and conversation, was a dream come true. The venue was huge but had an air of "Welcome. Come in and join us for the fun". 

It was a pleasure to see authors, I'd met at other events again, and catching up and admiring new releases with them. I was thrilled to see my VIP winners and the excited looks on their faces at such an amazing event. 

Coming up I will be at Queen of the West Book Bash at the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, October 29th. Below there is a link for more information and a link to where you can get tickets. General Admission is now $2.50. Hope to see you there.

Queen of the West Book Bash Information

Here are a few pictures from Glass City, I thought you might enjoy. The official photographer hasn't posted his pictures yet so I'll share them as soon as I can. You just won't believe how huge this event was until you see them. There were so many authors that we had to be split into two groups for two pictures of us. 

Until next time, have a lovely week and enjoy the coming fall weather and changing foliage. 


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