Monday, November 25, 2013

Here is my review for Elise Marion's latest release "The New Year's Masquerade". This book is not yet available. It has a release date of December 6th.

The New Year’s Masquerade by Elise Marion

Orlando Sanchez is a player, a very gentlemanly player but player none the less. Relationships were just not his thing. Thanks to his parents broken marriage, he didn’t see any reason to give his heart to a woman to only have her walk all over it. Sasha Olsen was independent and not Orlando’s type, so she was safe to have as a friend. Someone he could be himself around without the trappings of the games that men and women play. So when he walked into his shower one day to find Sasha, it came as quite a shock to Orlando that he found her more alluring and attractive than any other woman he had known. One quick romantic act and he was hooked. He couldn’t get enough of the amazing woman that his friend had suddenly become.

Sasha knew Orlando was a player and she knew that acting on her feelings for him would be a mistake but she just couldn’t help herself. She didn’t want to lose his friendship but the more time they spent being more than friends, the more she realized that when it was over, she was going to be in pain. She would not only loose the man she loved but her best friend as well.

I enjoyed this well written story more as I continued to read and the ending was satisfying. It definitely has the happily ever after that we like in a romance story. I gave it 4 stars, because at the beginning of the story the friendship they both kept referring to just wasn’t clear to me. It was well into the story before I could see the strong connection they had before they become lovers. I felt like there should have been more of their history as friends first before the quick jump into sex and the misunderstandings that followed. 

Elise Marion writes enchanting love stories with a sexy twist. You will enjoy her writing.

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