Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Year...New stories to write. Today I have a little sneak peak at a possible paranormal story I have been working on. Remember it's just a little bit. I just wanted to see what you all thought I'd love to hear from you. Friend me on Facebook, send me a Tweet, or you can even reach me at 

Here's the sample:


Every culture, every civilization has myths or stories about Ancient Ones. Some sort of being that has existed since the beginning of time. Humans have no real knowledge of these beings but they make up the stories that we have come to know.

Aliens from another time or planet, soulless creatures without a physical form, or even the boogie men who creep out at night to frighten children and adults; all of these are examples of what the human mind has made up to explain something it can’t explain.

But what if it were true? What if there were some ancient being that existed since the dawn of time and had no physical body to walk among us? Existing in constant darkness, void of the five senses that humans had but never appreciated? What if they had no emotions and after the millennia that they have existed they had lost all sense of right and wrong? What if they fed off those emotions that humans had…good or bad? What if they could make bargains with those humans who found a way into the darkness where they existed? What if they had learned to control those humans foolish enough to step into the eternal night where they existed? What if…

Also today I want to wish my mom a very Happy 80th Birthday! Love you mom, wish we could celebrate together.

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  1. And now I want to know 'what if' what?!?!?!

    Hope your Mom had a great b-day!!