Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to sharing some new and exciting things with all of you in 2014. I'm hoping to do a little changing and sprucing up of the blog and I also want to continue to bring you reviews on books old and new that I run across that you may find interesting. Also, in 2014, we should finally see Drifting Sands becoming available. I am so looking forward to getting this new book available to you all. So today I have included a small teaser from Drifting Sands for all of you to enjoy.

            Ian McAlister toed the sand on the beach and fingered the note in his pocket. He had not heard from Justin Warfield in years. Ian had thought at one time, they would be together forever. Justin let his father put an end to that. They had separated friends but Justin had made no effort to stay in contact. He pulled the note from his pocket and looked at it for the hundredth time in the last week.
            “Ian, I need your help. Please. Come to the Warfield and meet me on the beach at ten pm on Friday evening. There’s a spot on the north end of the beach just between the public beaches and the private beach of the Warfield. There’s a sign, meet me there. Don’t tell anyone. Please Ian, I need you. Justin.”
            Ian heard the sound of footsteps and turned toward the sound. Surprise crossed his face as he realized who was now standing in front of him. Where was Justin?
            “What are you doing here?” Ian asked but there was no answer.

            He saw the gun too late. A sharp pain seared through his chest before blackness took him under. 

There you have it! Let me know what you think.


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  1. :-) Looking forward to Drifting Sands being published!