Monday, January 20, 2014

And here is the other story, I recently read and just fell in love with:

I have to tell you that I have read a lot of gay romances over the last few years but not one has touched my heart the way this story did. Frankie is the sweetest, cutest character I have ever read. He knows who he is and exactly how other people perceive him. He thinks he knows his weaknesses and his strengths but he's so wrong. He's much stronger than he has ever given him credit for. When he meets Marcus, under not ideal circumstances, they clash immediately but not for the reasons that Frankie thinks. Marcus is struck by how much Frankie looks and acts like his ex who hurt him deeply. The last thing he wants to do is get involved with another guy like that or any guy for that matter. Marcus has deep insecurities that a big bear of a man can hide from the world but he can't hide them from the man who steels his heart.

There is a blizzard, two room mates who enjoy kinky BSMD sex even with strangers in their house, three big bear sized men who just happened to be loggers, a flaming hair dresser from the big city and enough romance to make you sizzle. If I gave ratings, I'd give this one a flaming 4 for the antics of Paul and Arthur in the attic bedroom and the heat under the blankets when Marcus and Frankie finally get together.

Don't miss this one. It really is a wonderful read.

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