Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello everyone, I'm on vacation this week. Right now, I have the door open to the balcony and I'm watching the sunlight sparkle on the water as it rolls along past my room. So warm, and beautiful. Everything is beginning to green up. I've seen daffodils and tulip trees in bloom. I love the mountains in the spring.

I want to tell you about a short and sweet story I recently read. My review is below.

This is a wonderful  story about a growing relationship. Alex has a new home in a plush neighborhood with a group of mixed residents. He hires a trio of brothers to do work around the house for him. He is attracted to the youngest of the brothers Michael and they soon begin dating. Before the two of them can become as close as Alex would like them to, neighborhood robbery's make some of his neighbors suspicious of the brothers. This story is short but oh so sweet. There is some angst but nothing awful. The ending is very fulfilling and the last scene, well let's just say Ms. Blunt has a way with two men in love, like very few authors out there. One other thing, I have to mention is the editing in this story was excellent. There was nothing that threw you out of the story. Well worth your time to read.

You should definitely check this one out. Especially, if you have never read Lily. You will be glad to add her to your 'authors to read list'

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