Monday, September 5, 2016

Spend Time With the Squirrels 

I seldom write anything personal on this blog. I share new releases, giveaways, blog tours for both myself and other authors. The genre means little to mean. I love the written word and it is a pleasure to share when an author as a new story to share.

Today is a little different. Most of you know that recently I retired from my full time day job, though I am going back 2 or 3 days a month to help out with intricate reports until someone can be fully trained to help out with these. Most of my time now is to be dedicated to writing and getting more books out for readers. 

Though sometimes, you need to just slow everything down and doing nothing with the people you hold closest to your heart. That's what I've done this weekend and so what that I didn't get 10k words written this weekend. I did spend time laughing and talking with my children and husband and my BFF who came for a visit. It has been wonderful.

I'll start writing again tomorrow. I've got a new Pinkerton Man story under way and two other stories that are just busting to get written. But for today, I'm going to watch the squirrels playing in the backyard, my cat sleeping in any spot he danged well chooses and I'll talk to my BFF or just sit in the same room with her and watch a silly tv series. I'll  kiss my husband as he leaves for his job and I'll watch the cars go by the window until my adult kids come back from their trip to the Columbus Zoo today. 

And I'll just listen to life and watch it around me and be thankful for every moment of it. 

Hope you spent your Labor Day Holiday as you wanted, whether it was with family and friends or working. Just don't forget life is short and each moment should be as special as we can make it.


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